Make-up tips for your hat!

This week, we decided to talk about how hats fit in with accessorising and make-up!

This can be a rather daunting discussion if you haven’t worn many hats before, but there are some tips that could be helpful. So, we thought we could dedicate this week’s post for them! These are all tips of course; we are sure you look incredible however you choose to wear your hat!


Our first tip is to try and avoid wearing big earrings with a hat. Big earrings often distract and clash with a hat, especially a big hat! A hat is usually the biggest accessory with an outfit, and as coco Chanel says: “always take one item off before leaving the house”. Having two big accessories often look too clunky and take away the elegant feel.

Fig 3-4

Tip number two is not to wear eye make-up that will clash with the colour of the hat. We at Bee Smith studios love colour! Sadly though, often times when a hat is a bold colour, and so is the wearers eyeshadow it can look a little too busy. The perfect colour is a good colour match to the hat or a light shimmery shade. This way the hat is nicely complimented!

Fig 5-6

Tip number three is to not wear too much of any make-up in general. This is a make-up tip that people often follow in day to day life. However, when wearing a hat, it is nice to have a simple and glowy look. Too much blush or lipstick will take away from the elegant and simple look.

Fig 7-9

The next tip is regarding any hat that also has a veil. If you wear eyelashes that are too big or too thick, it may get caught in the veil! This will be annoying for the wearer as they will have to constantly adjust the way it sits on their face. A veil is a lovely type of hat, don’t let big eyelashes ruin them!

Fig 10

Our final tip is to go to the hairdresser with your hat before a big event! The stylist will know what will look good and how to create the look with your hair. The goes for any hat! They are happy for you to take it with you and can find a style that you like with the hat. This is perfect for a big event that you want to look just right for!

Thanks so much for reading this week’s blog! We hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget; you are beautiful regardless of these tips!





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Royal Ascot

In case you didn’t know before, we at Bee Smith studios love Royal Ascot! We think it’s a fun day out with lots to do and talk about, as well as having a chance to dress up. The event welcomes around 300,000 visitors over 5 days! Hats are also an important part of the event, so naturally we love to look at the different styles! Ascot is now 98 days away, so we thought we would talk about it this week!

Royal Ascot first started in 1711, being founded by Queen Ann. 7 horses competed in the first ever race called “Her Majesty’s Plate”. It’s still an important part of British history now, different members of the royal family attend every year. As the queen has had an interest in horses since she was young, she also comes every year. We especially love to see what hats they wear! A royal ascot style guide is released each year with the event to help us see what can be good to wear, adding to the fun of looking at the different outfits and see if anyone took the advice! We are lucky to have been featured in it last year with our ‘Nasturtium headpiece’.

Ascot is a truly English day out to remember.

The style guide video for this years video is here for you to see too!


Are you just as excited as us too now?

Our Favourite Royal Hats

As we here at Bee Smith Studios make some glorious hats, we love to see what the royals are up to with their hat wardrobe. We don’t have a favourite royal and can’t pick a favourite hat! But we made a list of 5 different hats that we love and partnered them with hats that we make, just in case you want to feel like a royal for one day too!


The first hat on our list is HRH Princess Beatrice wearing Laura Apsit Livens at Royal Ascot June 2015. We love the simplicity of this outfit. The colours are soft and sweet, as well as the perfect palette for summer time. Not only is it simple, but it also makes a statement by having the dress a different colour to her hat. We think this is a perfect example of simplicity mixed with statement without it being too extravagant. If this is your style, our ‘downturned two-tone brim’ is a similar style!

The next hat on our list is HRH Princess Eugenie wearing Bee Smith Millinery to the Trooping of the Colour, June 2018. We’re so proud to say this is our hat, the ‘Leaf Brim’! We got a mention the royal hats blog for favourite royal hats of 2018: New designs. This hat is elegant, fun and the perfect style for summer. The size of it is also perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes. We especially love the pattern on this hat because it gives a lovely vintage feel while also being an up to date and fashionable piece. If you love this too, check it out on our website!

Third on the list is HRH Duchess of Cambridge wearing Jane Taylor. What’s not to love! Occasionally, we love to experiment with colour and shapes, and this is a perfect way of doing it in a classy and elegant way. Ruffles or a bold colour such as pink is an exciting way to mix up a simple look and this has both! Everything in this picture is flawless, from hair to earrings to make up and the hat ties everything together. If you love this look too, we have a similar hat, the ‘Pink Ruffle Seagrass Beret’

Next on the list is HRH Duchess of Sussex wearing Philip Treacy. This is another hat that perfectly fits the look of simplicity and elegance. This is a glamorous addition to any outfit. It helps to make the ensemble altogether flawless, the make-up, hair, soft pink colour and jewellery all go together perfectly. If you love this look as much as us, our ‘Audrey Brim’ is a similar style.

Finally, we have HRH Duchess of Cambridge wearing Gina Foster. We had to have the Duchess of Cambridge in again, this hat is amazing. The colour is a beautiful bold colour that suits her hair colour so well. The simple shape with the addition of a bow is a stylish and fun look, while again looking elegant. If you like this hat, our ‘green bow pillbox’ is similar!

All of the hats above from Bee Smith are available to buy from! We hoped you agree with the list, leave a comment with if you do and if not, why!

Tips for Spring

This Spring/Summer for 2019’s fashion season has allowed us to see that we are finally able to once again experiment into bold print. This can include anything from bold graphic prints, to simple flowers, to zebra print. Whichever way you want to go, print is in!

Here at Bee Smith Studios, we love to have an endless amount of colour and bold print, just take a look at our Rainbow Brim! We also have some simple pieces that by no means are short of character or elegance such as our Ivory Flower Headpiece. To get into the spirit of spring, we will be sharing some spring time tips for hat wearers that will last longer than any fashion trend!

Tip Number 1:


Try to avoid wearing a hat that has a brim that is wider than your shoulders.


If you’re tall, this is an important factor as a wide brim hat will likely suit you. Regardless of height, we think it’s a very important tip so we thought we would add it in any way no matter what time of year it is!


Tip Number 2:

1549035577anemone ppl

Try to avoid wearing a hat that matches the exact colour of your outfit.

Spring time is a time to enjoy bright and fun colours, as well as patterns thanks to the designers from Spring/Summer 2019! We recommend you wear a hat that will accentuate a key colour in your outfit as this will flatter the colour palette and pull everything together. If you wear all one colour you won’t stand   out. Adding a new colour completely will be an exciting and fun addition too.


Tip Number 3:

1548247543ruffle brim

If you’re less than 5’6 in height, an upturned or tilted brim may suit you better.

Of course, you can wear any hat that you fancy, but this style will not only add height, but won’t cover you up and hide you from the taller people around you. It may be nice to know that the Queen of England usually favours a traditional hat or upturned hat as she is 5’4. It’s also a fantastic way to keep the sun out of your eyes!


Tip Number 4:

1549037575pink cocktail hat 2

For those who wear glasses, a cocktail is always a good option.

They are good for framing the face in an elegant and glamourous way. You will still be able to see everything just fine, like those lovely spring flowers and get the same amount of fun as anyone else who wears a hat that doesn’t have glasses, if not more!


Tip Number 5:

1483567947tangerine 3

A pillbox hat or beret will help to elevate a petite feel.

A pillbox hat is the epitome of vintage glamour. You will feel luxury and style like never before. Perfect for those warm days and simple spring dresses with a light cardigan.


We hope these tips were helpful to you! These are just some simple tips but the most important thing to remember is that the best hat for you, is the one that you are most confident in!





We hope you have a good spring!


Love from us at the Bee Smith Studios





Hat Making Parties at Bentalls

Held at Bentalls department store, Kingston; hat making parties include a two hour workshop with a glass of bubbly, where you will make a fascinator or headpiece to take away with you. These workshops are for all abilities, there are many different styles to suit all. Here are some photos from our most recent hat party!


All materials are included within the cost; colours can be requested in advance.


Some very happy hat makers with their end results!

photo 5

photo 2

The next hat making party will be held at Bentalls Kingston on 12th November, tickets are available to buy via:
Don’t miss out!

hat  advert bentalls

I hope to see you there soon!