A Guide to Choosing the Right Hat for a Summer Wedding


Why is it that the choice of a hat for a wedding strikes terror in the hearts of many of my clients? Some haven’t worn a hat for years and just don’t know where to start. Now that there are seemingly endless options of wedding venues; from the traditional church wedding to stately homes, barns, beaches and more … which hat suits where?

Lets start with some basic rules to help you choose the right hat for you: 

When buying your wedding outfit, try to avoid dressing all in one colour as you will never stand out in a crowd! Your hat can either accentuate the key colour in your outfit or introduce a dramatic new colour to lift your outfit.

If you are Mother of the Bride, make sure you discuss your outfit and hat with Mother of the Groom to compliment each other and the wedding party. Remember, as Mother of the Bride, it is only when you take your hat off at the Reception that other guests are able to de-hat.

Choosing a style of hat to suit your looks:

If you’re tall, you can carry off that big down-turned brim. However, the size of the brim is important! It should never be wider than your shoulders.


If you’re less than 5’6 in height, an upturned or tilted brim may suit you better.

For those of us who wear glasses, a smaller upturned brim flatters the face well. Tilted brims are very stylish, but they might just partially block your view of the ceremony!

The pillbox hat or beret style hat is a good choice for petite women, the addition of simple quills or tall elegant stemmed feathers allows for added height.

pinkberet1717final - Copy.jpg

Frilly Fascinators topped with unnatural coloured fluffy feathers have given this style of hat a bad name, but nothing could be more elegant than a simple cocktail hat with a small embellishment such as crystals. A perfect choice for an outdoor ceremony.


The base colour of your hat should contrast with your hair colour.

Make sure your hat fits well and comfortably, ask your milliner to fit a headband or elastic which will keep your hat firmly in place.

Veiling is a flattering addition but avoid white, which should be reserved for the bride.

Most hats won’t survive rain showers so make sure to carry an umbrella if your attending an outdoor wedding!

To read the full article, pick up a copy of the May edition of Vintage Life Magazine!



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