150 years of Alice In Wonderland

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carrolls childrens book.

150 years on, and Alice In Wonderland is still a character known and loved by many.

A fantasy world still mesmorising children and adults to this day, Alice In Wonderland has so much to offer your imagination. From talking cats, magic cakes, secret doors and mad hatters, whats not to like? This magical world is every child and adults dream.


The love for the book has brought about many adaptions; including the 2010 Walt Disney Pictures film starring Mia Wasikowsa, Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter to name a few.



One of Bee Smith Millinery’s best sellers was inspired by Alice In Wonderland and the tea party. Originally the headpiece was made for Bee’s Alice themed birthday party; but after recieving many compliments and it becoming a favourite design of Bee’s, the teacup became an essential piece within her Spring/Summer collection.

Bee wearing her first ever Alice inspired teacup headpiece at her Alice inspired birthday!
Bee created a bridal version of the teacup headpiece
1366989060lace teacup
Black and White lace teacup headpiece
Blue sequin teacup headpiece
This pink teacup was featured in a Ascot inspired photoshoot and is part of the Afternoon Tea Collection
Bee’s Victoria Sponge headpiece and ice cream headpiece both give off a Alice in Wonderland tea party-esque fee


Alice in Wonderland  “Drink me, Eat me” headpiece by Bee Smith Millinery

Flamingo headpiece by Bee Smith Millinery
A little bit of Alice shines through in several of Bee’s fun designs


We must not forget the most famous hat within the book, the Mad Hatters top hat! Similar to that of the book, many variations have also been made on the design of the mad hatters top hat throughout the years.


Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in the 2010 Walt Disney Picture

“You’re entireley bonkers, but i’ll tell you a secret, all the best people are”


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