Recent Commissions

Bee Smith Millinery can make hats, and headpieces to match you’re outfit, style and individual requirements. Bee has really enjoyed designing and creating some of her most recent commissions, we take a look at the beautiful results!


This headpiece was created to compliment the outfit on the right; and compliment it does! What a perfect match.

Fiona McRobbie

This headpiece was created for the Mother of The Bride to match her grey trouser suit.

Alice Cary 2

This floral beauty was created for a countryside summer wedding. The headpiece features two birds, flowers and veiling to compliment the summer theme of the design.


This hat was created for Mother Of The Bride to match her red dress, camel coat/ with grey velvet detail. It features silk flowers, curled ostrich quills and curled pheasant feathers.

naomi harris veil

This stunning veil was created for a bride. The veil is made out of tulle with lace edging and crystal detail.


The Bride wearing the veil on her wedding day, looking beautiful!

Naomi Harris comb

Underneath the veil, the bride wore this hairpiece by Bee Smith Millinery. This
was created to match the embroidary on her wedding dress.

photo 1

This downturned sinamay black brim with feather and beading detail was created for a summer event. You can’t go wrong with monochrome, it works for every occasion; classic and glamorous.

photo 4

Flowers, Bumble Bees, Ladybirds and beading; it’s summer on a headpiece. This was created for a wedding guest, the cornflowers on the headpiece match the overall cornflower blue tone
of the guests wedding outfit.

Sian meades left hand side

Another striking headpiece made for a wedding guest. This particular guest pitched her ideas to Bee and Bee, created this as the final design. The Roses where hand painted and embellished with gold crystals.

photo 3

A hen on a hat for a hen-party hat! What could make more sense! A very fun design.

Vicky Graham

This commission was made for a lady who had 15 summer weddings to attend to! It was made to be fairly neutral in order to match various outfits for the various weddings over the summer period. It features a turquoise arrow feather, a navy quill and beading detail. Elegant and versatile.

Whatever the occasion, the outfit, the style or idea you have in mind; Bee Smith Millinery can make hats or headpiece to suit your needs.



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