Royal Ascot; The Tootsie Rollers take two

Day two of Ascot down, and another day of beautiful outfits and amazing hats. We take a look at what the Tootsie Rollers wore on day two of their Ascot adventure.

With inspiration taken from ‘Singing In The Rain’; the hats created by Bee Smith Millinery proved a very fun design indeed!

Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor star in Singin’ In The Rain

With inspiration taken from the popular musical, the Tootsies gathered their favourite images and brought them to Bee awaiting her design skills!


The sketching began and Bee came up with these finals designs!


The making of the umbrella hats started straight away in Bee’s Kingston studio.



The final designs finished and ready for collection in the studio!

tootsies singing in the rain

The ladies looked fantastic in the umbrella headpieces by Bee! True Singin’ In The Rain style.

The Tootsies having fun in their hats!

We hope you enjoyed the Tootsies over the past two days, and the outfits they wore. Look out for them singing around Ascot! We look forward to seeing what else Ascot has to show; especially the ever fashionable ladies day!


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