Behind the scenes of Royal Ascot day one outfits; The Tootsie Rollers

Day one of Royal Ascot commenced on Tuesday 16th June with the Tootsie Rollers taking centre stage. The ladies opted for Audrey Hepburn inspired outfits from the classic ‘Funny Face’. With beautiful dove headpieces created by Bee Smith; here are the images that started the journey behind the design:

Audrey Hepburn starring in the classic film Funny Face

 The Tootsies came to Bee’s studio in Kingston and presented their ideas and visions.
Sketches where drawn up by Bee and the final designs where chosen for Ascot.

The original sketches drawn up for the Audrey inspired dove headpieces

With the designs drawn up and chosen, the creation process started straight away.

Behind the scenes, Bee hard at work on the headpieces

The Tootsies on day one of Royal Ascot wearing the completed headpieces looking gorgeous as always!

photo 4

photo 1

This slideshow takes a look at some of our favourite pictures of the Tootsie at Ascot Day One.

Stay tuned for more from the Tootsies and their wonderful outfits at Ascot!


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